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Thinking of hiring a Bouncy Castle? A&K Events has a growing range of Bouncy Castles, Slides and Inflatable Games suitable for any occasion and catering for any age group. Kids love them, no excuse needed, and boy do they sleep well after an hour or two expending all that energy! Adults, why let the kids have all the fun, try out our “Big Kids Bouncer” and take yourself back to your youth! It has an extra deep bounce bed, bigger turrets and I’m told, “A Wicked Bounce!” by my daughter and her friends.
For All Events Prices include:
Delivery (within 10 mile radius) and Setting Up, ‘Ready to Go’
3 Million Public Liability
Free Safety Mats, Ground Sheets, Pegs, 20 metre Extension Cable fitted with RCD, Drying Towels, Instructions for operator and an optional First Aid Kit.
For Public Events
A Roping Off Facility can be provided Free of Charge
A Generator is available on request for a £20 fee plus fuel.
Browse below to make your selection and call for availability. Our full Price List and booking form can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
Risk Assessments Available.
An enclosed Castle for use up to age 5 with Shower Cover and Safety Entrance. Suitable for Ball Pool Use.
Size: 7’ x 11’ x 8’ (2.2 x 3.35 x 2.45m)
Colour: Green & Blue
Theme: Kids at Play in the Garden
Age/height: Suitable up to 5 years / 1 meter in height
Max Bouncers: 5
Rates: From £60.00
With Balls: Add £20
An enclosed castle with built in shower cover
and safety entrance. Suitable for ball pond use.
Size: 10’ x 13’ x 9 ‘h (3.05 x 3.96 x 2.75m )
Colour: Red and Yellow
Theme: Clowns
Age/Height Restrictions: 4’3 (1.3 Meters) Up to around 10 years old.
Max. Bouncers: 3-5 according to height.
Rates: From £60.00
With Balls: Add £20.00 (See Promotions & Fundraising Page.)
Larger Castle with Integral Shower Cover but without the height of an ‘A Frame’.
Size: 12 x 15 x 10’ ( 3.66 x 4.58 x 3.05m )
Colour: As Seen
Theme: Carnival
Age / Height Restrictions: Up to 5’ (1.5 Metres)
Max Bouncers: 4 to 7 according to height.
Rates: From £65
Enchanting and highly sought after castle with fully
enclosed bounce area and a 6ft slide and step entry.
Size: 12’ x 18’ x 12h approx. ( 3.66 x 5.55 x 3.66m )
Colour: Purple, Aqua Blue & Yellow
Theme: Mr. Wizard & his green frog!
Age: Suitable for up to age 14, but the under 12’s
love it best!
Max Bouncers: 6 to 8 according to Height.
Rates: From £85
Enchanting and highly sought after castle with fully enclosed bounce area and a 6ft slide and step entry. Popular with the girls!
Size: 12’ x 18’ x 12'h (3.66 x 5.55 x 3.66m)
Colour: Pink & Purple
Theme: Fairy’s & Princesses
Height Restrictions:
5 foot / 1.5 Meters
Max. Bouncers: 6 to 8 according to height
Rates: From £85. Suitable for Balls

Larger Castle with Biff & Bash & Jump Hoop
activity features and a Slide on the side.
Optional shower cover.
Size 15’ x 20’ x 10’9‘ ( 4.58 x 6.0 x 3.35m )
Colour: Cerise & Yellow
Theme: Mischievous Clowns
Age limit: Up to 14 years.
Max Bouncers: 7 to 10 According to height.
Height Restrictions: 4’3” / 1.3metres.
Rates: From £105
NB. This unit comes with 4 Safety Mats included in the price.
A completely enclosed Castle designed to withstand the odd shower and stay in use! This unit has 2 Blowers and is suitable for Balls, Lighting & also has Speaker Flaps attached to add Music if you want to give it something extra.
Size 14’wide x 15’long x 10‘high ( 4.2 x 4.5 x 3m )
Colour: Purple & Yellow
Theme: Disco
Age limit: All ages.
Max Bouncers: 4 to 11 depending on height.
Rates: From £145
Nb.This unit comes with 2 x 1.5hp Blowers.
For the older Party Animal! Complete with 2 metre
high walls, sturdier turrets, a reinforced extra deep
bounce bed designed to withstand adult forces.
Size: 17’ x 18’ x 16’h ( 5.18 x 5.50 x 4.8m )
Colour: Blue
Theme: Surfing & Sea!
Age: No limits!
Max. Bouncers: . 6 to 12 according to height.
Rates: From £145
big kids
Exquisite Giant Slide with a Ten Foot Platform and steep pitch for a fast ride! Has a Foam ladder, which is kinder to your feet.
Size: 12’6 x 23’6 x 16’6h ( 3.88 x 7.60 x 5.6m )
Colour: Purple, Aqua & Yellow
Theme: Mr Wizard
Age limit: Unlimited
Max Sliders: Upto 6 at once according to height
Rates: From £170
Ideal back garden fun run or for a ‘Junior It’s a Knockout’ competition. Striking Colours with a Ramp Access, Hurdle, Multi Knock-abouts, Scramble Net, Slide, Crawl Arches and Run Off Area. Add a Bouncy Castle for All Round Entertainment.
Size: 11 x 26 x 12’ h ( 3.35 x 8 x 3.66m )
Colour: Red, Blue & Yellow
Theme: No Artwork but can be used in a Pirate Theme due to “the Rigging!”
Age / Height Restrictions: 5’ (1.5 Meters)
Maximum Bouncers: Up to 7 according to height
Rates: From £135
Our Mini Jungle Themed Activity Run has Biff and Bash posts, a good size Bounce Area and Foam Steps to the Slide. Great for ‘It’s a Knockout’ and popular with School Fete’s and large parties due to the numbers of children that can play at a time.
Size: Approx 30’ x 12’ x 12’h (9.1m x 3.66m x 3.66mh)
Colour: Green & Yellow Base with Bright Multicoloured Artwork.
Theme: Jungle
Age Limit: Any.
Maximum Bouncers: Up to 10 according to height
Rates: From £170
Mini Jungle Run
Spectacular Jungle Themed Activity Run with Biff and Bash Line Ups, Biff and Bash, Tube Squeeze, Scramble Net, Slide and Bounce Area. Essential ‘It’s a Knockout’ Kit and Standing 18 feet tall is a Major ‘Crowd Puller’ for any Event. Visually Outstanding Unit Suitable for All Ages.

Size: Approx 48’ x 15’ x 18’h (15m x 4.7m x 5mh )
Colour: Green & Yellow Base with Bright Multicoloured Artwork.
Theme: Jungle
Age Limit: Any
Maximum Bouncers: Up to 14 according to height
Rates: From £245
Nb. This unit comes in 2 pieces thus double delivery and set up time must be allowed. There is also a minimum access width required. Please call us for further details.

Available with Mini Pugil Sticks or Pillows for an extremely physical Game for two. Add to Sumo Suits and an Activity Course for your own Mini Gladiator Tournament. Alternatively, talk to Ali about how to use this at a bigger Fundraising Event.
Size: 13 x 15 x 8’ ( 3.96m x x4.56 x 2.45m h )
Colour: Yellow, Red & Blue
Weight Limit: 25 Stone
Age: Any 4 - 99
Rates: From £130 Pugil Sticks Add £20.00
Bungee Run
Strap yourself in, hold on tight, and run for your life to beat your opponent to the end of the run. Our Top of the Range, State of the Art ‘Rocket Ship’ Bungee Run comes, again from one of the Top Manufacturers in the Country to offer a Visually Stunning Version of this popular Inflatable Game.
Size: 12’ x 35’ x Approx 11’in height
Colour: Red, Yellow & Blue
Max persons: 2
Rates: £190
Extras: Supervision £50 for 4 hours.
Party Deals: Ask Ali for Suggestions.
Human Demolition Zone
The Latest Inflatable Game on the Market.
Our ‘Human Demolition Zone’ is the ultimate Game for Promoting Teamwork or for Fundraising. A Hilariously Funny Four Player Game that can be played in Groups or as a Last Man Standing Arrangement. Swing the One Tonne Ball to knock your competition of their podium!
Size: 28’ x 28’ x 15’6h
Colour: Black, Yellow & Silver
Rates: From £295
Optional Extras: (Hard Hats & High Vision Jackets – not essential)
Human Table Football
For the ‘Footie Fanatic’ comes this Top Quality, Five a Side Giant Sized Game based on Table Soccer. Team members are strapped on to restrict movement and promote co-operation between team members. A Fully enclosed bed means players stay clean! Suitable for any Team Building Event, Team Fundraiser or Just for Fun.
Size: 26’ x 40’ x 9’h
Colour: Red, Blue & White (As seen)
Rates: From £300 (Price dependant on Area)
Optional Extras: Football Shirts in Team Colours
Staffing: Available on request
Additional Equipment that we can supply……



Adult Disco

kiddies Parties

These units are X A&K Events Hire Stock and still in A&K Events usual immaculate condition. A little older now they are available for Private hire for whole weekends only with Friday deliveries and Monday collections. Ask for an information sheet
Call Alison on 07963 656585 for more information.
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