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Established in March 2004, A&K Events is a partnership born from involvement in family orientated groups such as the Herts Single Parent Social Club ( HSPSC ) who are constantly looking for new ideas to entertain the children. Alison Paddon-Hicks BA(Hons) is a mum with a background in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service and has a specialist knowledge of the firework trade from her involvement and now partnership in her family’s business Whizzz Bang Fireworks. ( Which brings a very keen eye for issues regarding safety! ) Kevin King, a dad to three boys, is a kind, hardworking man who is very thorough in keeping the equipment in tip top condition and great with keeping the kids in check at supervised bookings! His background is in the Printing business. Together we bring the right ingredients to make a great team.

As a new company we bring new equipment, fresh ideas and an open mind in our approach to the business. Our company philosophy is based on ‘Quality’ whether the question be Equipment, Service, Safety or Product. With that ethos in mind we have sought out the secrets of the trade and implemented them into our operating procedures.
We purchase our equipment from a reputable manufacturer with 29 years experience and who offer a product which embraces top quality design and materials and manufacturing of the highest standards. These meet all health & safety criteria and offer a significant enhancement in visual and physical performance to the many ‘budget’ castles available for hire today.
All our equipment undergoes yearly, stringent safety tests in line with Health & Safety Guidelines and we will happily produce a copy of our certificate when requested. ( Nb. These are equivalent to the new PIPA Standards and are undertaken by a PIPA Qualified Inspector. )
We undertake risk assessments for all of our equipment, include circuit breakers, safety mats, securing pegs, Three Million Public Liability Insurance and safe play instruction sheets to ensure the safe operation of our equipment as standard policy and free of charge.
We have become members of the British Inflatable Hirers Association, which keeps us up to date on legislation and new ideas within the trade.
We provide a ‘Roping off’ facility in addition to all standard policy benefits free of charge for all public events.
Our Castles are cleaned regularly and kept in tip top condition.
We prefer to operate with a contract where we request a deposit, but no further charges will be made for late cancellation due to bad weather.  

We can accommodate dry hire or manned units for public events. Should you not have access to power, we can also organize a Generator.
Insurance Documents, Risk Assesments, Accident Report Forms, Safety Test Certificate’s and Roping Off facility can be provided at no extra charge.

An ever growing range of Bouncy Castles, Slides and Ball Ponds suitable for any occasion and catering for any age group. Kids love them, no excuse needed, and boy do they sleep well after an hour or two expending all that energy! Adults, why let the kids have all the fun, try out our “Big Kids Bouncer” and take yourself back to your youth! It has an extra deep bounce bed, bigger turrets and I’m told, “A Wicked Bounce!” by my daughter and her friends.
Giant games and team games to hire, which compliment our Bouncy Castles. Continue the energetic tone and opt for a set of Mini Hoppers or calm it down with our Giant Four In a Row. Expecting a crowd? Try out our Giant Parachute, which comes complete with Game Instructions. Hire them ‘Just for Fun’ or go for one of our ‘Fundraising Kits’ supplied complete with Game, Ideas & Instructions, and any Extra equipment required to maximise fundraising and minimise hassle!

* Private Events & Corporate
A wide range of private Events undertaken including Children’s Birthday Parties, 21st Parties, 18th Parties, Family Days, Christenings, Weddings, Anniversary Parties and BBQ’s.
Having a Birthday Party? Give us the name and age of your birthday boy/girl and they maybe in for a small treat, courtesy of A & K Events.

A&K Events are a good choice for any Fundraising or Group Event including Fun Days, School Fete’s, Scouting Events, It’s a Knockouts, Charity Fundraisers, Church Socials, Corporate Events, Carnivals, Holiday Clubs, Nursery School Days, Playgroups and even for your Pub Garden.
We can accommodate equipment hire or manned units for any Public Event, Set Up and Ready to Go, complete with Roping Off Facility, Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assesments, Instructions and Fundraising Ideas. Manned Units offer you our optimum service and best of all with ‘No financial Risk’. Our service is designed to minimise hassle, and maximise profit, whatever the event.

Many of Our Team and Giant Games have been used for all sorts of fundraising events. Ali’s background in Sales and Marketing has given her a head full of ideas on how best to present these games to maximise profits and minimise hassle. The Mini and Racing Hoppers for example come complete with either a roped off bounce area (for younger kids) and Instructions in how to Bounce on them, or with a Race Track, Roping Off, Starting Whistle, set of Winner Cards and Ideas with Instructions for both a competitive Racing Game or for Wacky Races. In addition, a spare pump, just in case, and, advice on how to use the winner cards to minimise the cost of any prizes. She can even supply the prizes! (see Pocket Money Toy Stall & Party Accessories.) Should you wish to sell Hoppers on this stall we will also supply them on a sale or return basis, with a Poster to promote it, and pay a healthy commission for every Hopper Sold.

Our Pocket Money Toy Stall is a well stocked stall with the latest range of Children’s Toys with prices ranging from 25p to around £3.00 Retail. Presented under a Good Quality Gazebo and Staffed by us, it is an ideal solution for a ‘No Risk, No Hassle’ addition to your Event, paying a percentage of the takings to the Host in return for a pitch. Typically popular for School Fete’s, Fun Days, Barbeques, Carnivals and It’s a Knockout’s it comes as part of Option 2 from our Promotions for Schools, Clubs and Organization’s Deal. Please telephone Alison for further information.
We can also provide a Sweets Stall under the same arrangement, or stock one stall with a mixture of the two.

Buying our equipment from a reputable manufacturer with 29 years experience in the trade who uses top quality materials and manufacturing processes renders us willing and able to offer our products for hire with confidence in their durability, structural integrity and in addition to their outstanding visual quality.
As a relatively small business, we are able to offer a personalised service with good timekeeping and the finishing touches.

Our hire charges are all inclusive of Safety Mats, Public Liability Insurance, Setting Up Ready for Use and Taking Down, Pegging out ( Or attachment of sandbags if indoors ), two ground sheets (if outside), 1 x 20 metre extension Cable with RCD attached, towels for wiping down (if outside) and free delivery and collection within a ten mile radius. Additional extension cables can be provided free of charge upon request.

Sun or shower covers fitted on most units to protect children from harmful rays and or English weather!

By substituting the metal fixing pegs with 4 heavy duty Sandbags, all of our units are suitable for indoor use. We do not however, either advocate or allow our units to be used outside on hard surfaces using sandbags as an alternative fixing method. Although there is no law as such against this method of fixing down, there are guidelines laid down for the strength of fixing pegs. If you use the same calculations used for the fixing pegs it would require a truck load of sand on each fixing point to meet the same criteria. As such, we believe this to be dangerous and totally unsuitable in terms of safety.

Feel free to compare the visual impact of our units with others available for hire. The very same quality in manufacture and service is demonstrated in the Artwork of our units. Check out our unique Mr Wizards Castle with his Pet Frog.

In line with current Health & Safety Legislation, all of our units undergo stringent safety testing as a condition of our Public Liability Insurance. Recently, PIPA testing has been introduced and has had the seal of approval from the Department of Health. Although we have chosen, at this stage, not to insist on the tagging and certificate that goes along with this, our units are tested and certificated to the same standards set out in the PIPA guidelines, and indeed by a manufacturer deemed ‘qualified’ to offer the PIPA service. This decision has been reached under advisement and in the knowledge that teething problems with the tagging of units has resulted in some units being torn as a result of their attachment. We also feel that given all of the above, the additional fees for the certificate are not warranted. If you would like a copy of this certificate, please ask at the time of booking.

Copies of Risk Assessments are available for each of our Units and some of our games upon request.

3 million pounds Public Liability Insurance cover is provided by A&K Events for all hires of Bouncy Castles as standard. Copies of Insurance Documents are available upon request. Please note Insurance is not provided on our entire selection of games. More details provided upon request.

We are members of the British Inflatable Hirers Association, which not only keeps us up to date with the latest news and legislation in the trade, but also offers us a network of fellow hirers to work alongside. If we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can.

We use the term ‘Dry Hire’ to mean ‘a unit which is to be hired to a person, or group, unmanned by A&K Events’. We do not operate a customer collection facility as we prefer to ensure that our units are sited and set up correctly with our safety checks implemented before allowing anyone to use the equipment. See Public Events for more information on our manned units.

A roping off facility is provided for all Public Events and as standard for Castle Hire. Roping Off can also be provided for some Games subject to availability.

For a small hire fee ( Approximately £20.00 ) a Generator can be arranged and delivered along with your Castle. If we are operating a manned unit with a percentage arrangement, this can be deducted from any takings as expenses before tallying up.

A range of Team and Garden Games suitable for Garden Parties to School Fetes, Club nights, Team Building Exercises and Fundraising. See Fundraising Kits and Castles and Games for Adults & Children.

Add to the Party Atmosphere with our Super Size Bubble Machine, which will fill the sky with Bubbles. I challenge anyone to pop them all! Comes with approximately half an hours worth of Bubble Juice Free. Top up Juice is available at a reasonable price and comes with its own stick in case of leftovers!

In association with Montague’s Newsagents in Kings Langley, we offer a large selection of pocket money toys, sweets and party accessories from stock and at usual retail prices. We can deliver any Party Item to your door from Doilies and Cake Candles and including Party Bags, filled and ready for cake stuffing! We can even name them for you if you wish.
Why not let us take on some of the burden of organising your Childs Party. Either select a starter bag and choose a toy from the list, or give us a budget and we’ll do it all for you.
We can also supply a whole range of Plates, Cups, Bowls, Doilies, Party Poppers, Cake Candles, Cocktail Sticks, Banners etc. etc.
  We make no additional charges for this service. Download our Price List or visit our Party Goods Section for further Information.

Whether your celebration is your child’s Birthday Party, Grandma’s 60th, your Wedding Day, a Fundraising Event or Just for Fun, Whizzz Bang Fireworks can cater for all your Firework needs, for all occasions, year round. Whizzz Bang Retails Fireworks from eight different importers and can put together a display of any size and to suit any budget. Whizzz Bang supplies Self Fire Packages, complete with stakes, lighters, tape, torches and in addition to numbering the fireworks to help you put on a professional show in your back garden!
Alternatively, why not invite Whizzz Bang to fire them for you, for a small fee they offer a ‘We Fire’ Service.
For more information, click the link to their website. For a birthday cake or a small kids quiet selection see the Party Goods page. 

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